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Cookie management



Update of 01/17/2023



The information notice on cookies concerns and is applicable when consulting the website available at the address: ("the Site"), put online and deposited by EVER'IN COFFEE.


Through this notice, we wish to provide you with clear and precise information both on the origin and on the use of the information that we are required to collect and process during the consultation of the Website (the tool allowing the expression of your cookie choices is considered part of the Website).



A cookie is a text file that can be placed, subject to your choice, on your terminal (tablet, smartphone, computer) via your Internet browser when consulting the Website.


This file allows its issuer, and during the period of validity or registration thereof, to identify your terminal. Some cookies are essential for the use of our Website, others allow us to offer you an optimal experience during your navigation and/or your purchases. 



Cookies that may be placed on your terminal when you visit pages of the Website are issued by EVER'IN CAFE and / or third parties. Only the issuer of a cookie is likely to read or modify the information contained in it.


The cookies deposited by EVER'IN CAFE are almost all related to the operation of the Site.


The others are third-party cookies placed by our partners. For example :


Identity _ga (Google Analytics)


Role: Implemented by Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. It allows us to follow your activity during your visit to our site and improve its performance.


Link to privacy policy:


You can exercise your rights regarding your data on the Google Analytics site at any time.


Before any implementation, EVER'IN CAFE ensures that the issuance and use of cookies by third parties complies with the regulations in force.



When you arrive on our site, various choices are offered to you allowing you to make your choices in terms of cookies. These can be implemented on your terminal for the purposes described below.


In order to allow you an informed choice, we provide you with all the information in our possession on the content of the cookies installed as well as the means allowing you to make your choice. We can use all cookies to personalize your experience, ensure the proper functioning of our services, guarantee your satisfaction but also limit commercial interaction.

  • Cookies essential to the proper functioning of the Site


“Essential” cookies are essential for browsing the Site and allow you to use the main features of the Site.

For example, these are cookies intended in particular for:
– keep your choice on the deposit of tracers or the will of this one not to express a choice
– store the contents of a shopping cart
– track your purchase transaction


Their deletion may cause navigation difficulties on the Site or even the impossibility of placing an order. These cookies can be installed on your terminal by EVER'IN CAFE or by its service providers.


In the context of a purchase and/or a reservation, these cookies are therefore essential for the provision of the service at your express request and are therefore not subject to your prior consent (the registration on your terminal and the reading of these cookies being based on the legitimate interest of EVER'IN CAFE to implement processing of this type).

  • So-called “analytical” cookies:


These so-called “analytical” cookies allow us to obtain metrics (audience, volume of visits, etc.) on the use of the Site. We may reconcile this traffic data with other EVER'IN CAFE sites (your individual data is excluded from this processing).


These cookies may be issued by EVER'IN CAFE and/or third parties. Please note that some cookies may be subject to the privacy policies of these providers.


The deposit or reading of these cookies is subject to your prior consent. Refusing to set them up or removing them will have no impact on your experience on the Site, but will prevent us from developing and refining the quality of service delivered to our visitors.

  • Advertising cookies


Advertising cookies are not essential for navigation but allow you a more relevant advertising offer adapted to your centers of interest displayed on the Site but also on other sites on which you could browse.


The personalization of advertising content can also be carried out, thanks to the technology of our partners, by associating the navigation information of your terminal on the Site with the data that you provided to us when you registered.


The deposit or reading of such cookies is carried out subject to obtaining your prior consent. The refusal of these advertising cookies has no impact on the use of the Site nor will it stop advertising on the Site. However, we will not be able to offer you advertisements that take your interests into account.



The cookies placed on your terminal have a maximum lifespan of thirteen (13) months. At the end of the retention period, the personal data collected through cookies will be deleted.



During your visit to our Site, you will be asked to fill in the parameters related to cookies and the way in which we will be able, or not, to deposit and read the information contained in them. You can modify your choice at any time (according to the terms of this document).


We present below the different means at your disposal to manage your cookies. We also wish to inform you that in the case of use of your terminal by different users, we are not technically able to ensure that the experience offered on your terminal corresponds perfectly to you and not to that of another person who has used or is using your device (this case of use is your free choice and your responsibility).


You can express your choices via:

  • The cookie manager present on our Site 


You can decide whether cookies are stored on your terminal using the cookie setting tool available by clicking here, in the cookie banner or in the footer of the Site.


The management of cookies is operated by the Tarteaucitron solution.

  • Your browser settings


The configuration of your browser software allows you to accept, save or not cookies on our Site.


Depending on the browser you use during your experience, the settings may differ. We therefore provide you with the help pages of the most popular browsers on the market:​


Please note: changing the settings of your browser software (and more precisely systematic refusal) may modify your browsing experience on our Site or even make it impossible to use certain services.

  • At Youronlinechoices website


The “Youronlinechoices” site is a European platform shared by many major Internet advertising players. It allows you to express your acceptance or refusal of cookies that may be used to personalize the advertisements displayed during your browsing (not preventing display but blocking targeting technologies related to your centers of interest).

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